Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) has been in the news recently and Smiles for Kids Pediatric Dentistry offers it as an alternative to traditional cavity treatment. It’s primarily for patients with decay who may be too young or apprehensive for fillings or crowns. It involves no injections, drilling, or pain. Dr. Lindhorst or Dr. Jadav apply this medication with a small brush to each tooth. Teeth with minimal to moderate decay or hypoplasia (defect in formation) can be treated. Any tooth that has very deep decay that is close to the nerve or a tooth that is abscessed cannot be treated with this technique.


The actual application of the product takes a few minutes. The entire length of the appointment varies based on how many teeth are treated and your child’s behavior. Once teeth are treated, there is a chance of having to retreat them. Some teeth only need one application. At your follow-up appointment, Dr. Lindhorst or Dr. Jadav will let you know if the tooth needs more applications of the product. The decayed area will harden and no longer have active bacteria causing larger cavities.  Some teeth will need fillings or crowns in the future as the patient matures.




The main drawback of silver diamine fluoride is that any active decay on the tooth will turn black permanently. It can be removed if those teeth get fillings or crowns in the future as the affected tissue is removed.






Dr. Jadav

Smiles for Kids Pediatric Dentistry