Our Office is Fun for All!

Smiles for Kids has a state of the art facility featuring a modern and exciting approach to pediatric dentistry and our families. We chose “Travel The World” as our theme because Dr. Lindhorst loves to travel and to discover new adventures in life.

We also believe that dental health is a lifetime journey. In our office you will find exciting things for both patients and parents as we accommodate needs of both in a warm and friendly environment.


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The Welcome Area

We welcome you with the world icons collage as you enter our office. Our fabulous staff will greet you in the reception area helping you with all the necessary forms. (Many of these forms can be filled out online prior to the appointment.)

Your kids can play in the reception room, read books, watch movies, or play Wii, X-box, or PlayStation games. Please take your time giving us all the necessary information about your child and let your little ones have a blast playing.


Check/Exam Room

When we are ready for the exam we invite parents to our “Check/Exam Room”. Here the doctor goes over digital x-rays enlarged on the TV screen, answers any questions and performs a dental exam. Dr. Lindhorst or Dr. Jadav will show parents children’s bite, tonsil size, cavities, gingival tissues, and discuss orthodontic needs. We deliberate treatment options and talk about concerns.



New Patient Room

If your little one is a new patient, or is still under three years of age, we will invite you to our New Patient Room. We created this special area to accommodate both patients and parents in a separate room with toys, books, and a TV to better get to know our families. Little ones get to play, meet the hygienist, assistant, and the doctor without the hustle and bustle of the entire office. We spend time here talking about oral hygiene, healthy eating habits, thumb sucking, and answering all questions. Finally we do age appropriate dental cleaning and exam.


Treatment Rooms

In case that your little one needs dental work (such as fillings, space maintainers, extractions, appliance fittings or emergency visits), you will visit our treatment rooms in the back of the office. Both of these rooms have overhead TVs that children can watch while getting treatment done. One of the rooms is our “Safari Room” while the other is themed “Space Travel”. Because being in these rooms requires special kind of bravery from our patients we reward them with special prizes. Parents are always welcome to accompany kids throughout this appointment.

“Hygiene” Area

All other patients go to the “hygiene” area which is our open area. Here they have their teeth cleaned while they enjoy our world map and the “Gateway to the West” or the St. Louis arch. While waiting for siblings or the doctor, kids can play or watch a movie in our “living room”. 

Check-Out Counters

After the exam is done we walk our families to the check-out counters where the kids can pick a prize out of the treasure tower while our treatment and financial coordinator helps you check out and explore your insurance options.

We hope you have enjoyed your time with us and we  look forward to your next call and visit!



Love this place! Always amazing with my kids. My 5 year old had to get several fillings and all she can talk about is the new hearts on her teeth. Said it didn’t hurt at all.
— Emma B., customer since 2012