School Programs

Ms. Yvette provides an amazing service to many of the local schools and daycare centers. She visits schools to teach kids about oral hygiene and to promote good dental health. Her lively and exciting presentations conclude with a treat of dental goodies such as toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss, as well as dental puzzles and coloring pages. If you are a teacher, a school nurse, or a parent that would like this program introduced in your school, please contact us. Here is a peek into Ms. Yvette’s lessons:

Our cheerful and smiley Ms. Yvette will come to the school armed with a movie about Gina the Giraffe and lots of fun toys. She starts by showing the kids a movie about their first dental visit and why it is such a fun experience. She then shows kids how to brush and floss using her big tooth puppet and lets the kids actively participate in her lessons.

She also discusses healthy foods and helps the kids sort. Ms. Yvette involves the kids in all sorts of fun games that make the idea of the dentist and oral hygiene easy and informative on their level. She then rewards them for listening with their very own goodie bag that will educate parents as well on the things the kids have just learned. Hope you have enjoyed the photos from her program!

Dr. Lindhorst and her team are the most considerate and compassionate dental group! They run on time and they treat both patients and parents respectfully and with so much care!!
— Alessandra N., customer since 2009