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Smiles for Kids strives to help every patient have a positive and successful dental experience. Our goal is to provide a safe, familiar, consistent environment to help your child feel comfortable and happy when coming for their dental visits, which will help alleviate parents’ stress. We work toward this through a multiple step process that includes:

  • Multiple short visits scheduled closely together to allow kids feel comfortable in our office
  • Consistency of the same private room with TV
  • Setting goals at each appointment, either small or large but individualized based on each child’s needs in order to set realistic expectations for both kids and parents
  • Flexibility to make accommodations as needed
  • Magnus cards/Storyboards as a visual aid showing all equipment, tools and procedures
  • Wheel chair accessible rooms
  • Weighted blanket, wireless headphones and fidget toys
  • Consistency of the same highly trained personnel

The dental visit will start with an initial assessment to get a feel for your child’s specific needs. We will set customized goals at each visit that may be as small as laying in the chair or as large as completing the entire appointment. We welcome parent’s participation, but at times we may feel we need one on one focused attention with your child. To help achieve a positive outcome we recommend morning appointments when your child is fresh and awake as well as non-busy times of the year when the office tends to be quieter and less distracting.

It might take multiple take multiple visits to complete a dental exam, cleaning and x-rays. To successfully complete their dental appointments, and to help gain your child’s trust we ask for your commitment of time. We do not charge for each visit, only for procedures completed and we work closely with parents to achieve success. For more information please call our office.

Dr. Lindhorst and her team are phenomenal! They are all kind, considerate, amazing with kids, and very thorough. They also run on time, which I appreciate as a busy working mom. My kids have been going for the last eight years. I highly recommend this practice.
— My Faves