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Conscious Oral Sedation and IV Sedation Options

Our office offers both conscious oral and IV (intravenous) sedation options for anxious patients who have dental decay. 

All our doctors and staff are highly trained in sedation protocols and emergency procedures. Oral sedation is administered in our office by Dr. Lindhorst and patient is awake although lightly sedated during treatment. Patients are awake at the end of treatment but cannot go to school that day as it takes few hours for the medicine to completely clear the body. IV sedation is administered by our anesthesiologist, Dr. Ballard, and patients are asleep for all dental treatment. Patients are alert and aware leaving the office but cannot go back to school that day. Both options are available for our patients when needed. 

Please talk to the doctors about your child’s needs for comfortable dental appointment.

Dr. Lindhorst with anesthesiologist, Dr. Ballard

Dr. Lindhorst with anesthesiologist, Dr. Ballard

Smiles for Kids is fantastic! Dr.Lindhorst and her team did an amazing job comforting and treating our 3 year who accidentally broke his tooth at Preschool. They were able to get us in promptly and same-day! The entire team is very caring and does a wonderful job calming a scared 3 year old. Our children are existing patients and enjoy coming in for their cleanings as well. I highly recommend Smiles for Kids, especially if your kids are not currently seeing a Pediatric Dentist.
— Gina Barras