The DIAGNOdent Advantage

DIAGNOdent, a technology brought by a leader in dental equipment, KaVo USA, is one of the extra steps taken by dentists and hygienists at Smiles For Kids in providing quality and modern dental care. This state-of-the-art equipment detects decay on biting surfaces of teeth, ensuring that no sealants are placed on any tooth with decay. The DIAGNOdent technology gives us the edge we need to find even the most elusive decay and allows us to act before it destroys the tooth. For patients, it means an accurate, fast and painless step to possessing healthy and attractive teeth.

**How it works**

Some cavities are simply harder to detect than others, particularly when they are still in the early stages or settling in areas more challenging to locate, for instance, in the deep grooves of molars. Whether or not to open a suspicious-looking tooth remains a dilemma for many dentists because of the risks associated with both options. While older dental devices and equipment such as explorer and bitewing x-rays can perform a decent job with larger decay areas, the same cannot be guaranteed when locating tiny lesions and hidden or very early dental caries.

DIAGNOdent, uses laser technology to penetrate deep into the tooth through its accurate scanning system. It operates at a wavelength that makes tooth with bacteria or an altered substance fluoresce. This laser fluorescence is measured numerically so you will not only be able to detect decay, you can also gauge the amount of it. This portable machine that is just a little bigger than a pen and displays a reading accompanied by an audible sound. When tooth is healthy and clean, you will see none or very little fluorescence with low numbers. It is like having a dentist with laser vision!

**Safe and pain-free**

Pain has always been a top concern among dental patients. In this regard, many will surely feel relieved to know that DIAGNOdent is non-invasive and as pain-free as taking your temperature with a digital thermometer. As a matter of fact, it even encourages patient interaction because the patient can hold and glide the pen-like tool over tooth surface and watch as the monitor displays the results.

DIAGNOdent also saves a patient from pain caused by unnecessary excavation of a tooth that is suspected to have decay but is actually healthy. Many teeth have staining in the grooves that although suspicious looking, is not decay. Likewise, when decay is immediately detected and treated, patient is spared from toothache and other painful and expensive dental procedures. But perhaps more important than being a pain-free device, DIAGNOdent is safe. It makes use of light and sound energy so there is no fear of x-ray exposure to both patient and staff.

**Just one caveat**

Like many other products of technology, the benefits of DIAGNOdent can only be maximized when you have qualified professionals by your side. Though the machine is easy to use and results are instantly available and reliable, its effectiveness still relies on correct interpretation and the subsequent treatment plans. DIAGNOdent must be used as just one factor in the exam that includes also full evaluation and x-rays if necessary because unfortunately DIAGNOdent cannot “see” between teeth. Hence, make sure you are seen by a skilled dentist or hygienist and that he or she is trained in using DIAGNOdent.