Staying Hydrated this Summer

As the Houston heat is setting in, Smiles for Kids Pediatric Dentistry wanted to remind everyone about staying hydrated this summer.  It is super important for our kids to get plenty of fluids especially with the onset of intense summer heat and summer activities coming up. It seems like there are a million and one options these days at the grocery store when it comes to drinks for our kids. Here’s a quick guide to help you make the best choices for your little one. Juice

Juice is loaded with sugar, which will only accelerate the cavity process! Even 100% organic juices have lots of sugar. We have to be very careful to limit juices. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting juice intake to less than 4-6 oz per day for children ages 1-6. The constant exposure to sugar and acid can quickly break down teeth.  Because of all the sugar and acid, juice is also not a good choice for hydration.  It actually causes more thirst! We recommend giving children fresh fruit slices to get their daily fruit intake. A fun idea for summer is to freeze grapes for a fun, juicy, and healthy afternoon snack!

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are not recommended for young children. Having them often increases your child’s risk for obesity. They can cause dental erosion because they are acidic. All the sugar will increase their risk for cavities, too.


Soda, as we all know, is bad for our teeth and bodies. Drinking soda can be as bad as having battery acid in our kid’s mouth. The acidity can quickly cause breakdown and weakening of teeth.

Keep in mind that frequency is key. It’s worse to sip on a juice drink all day than to just have it during a meal when it comes to your teeth. We recommend that kids should only use sippy cups if they have not mastered using a cup. If it’s not for mealtime, there should only be water in it. All in all, the best option is always water! It will keep our little ones hydrated without all the side effects that juices, sports drinks, and sodas have.  Not to mention that it is much less pricy!

Look at how much sugar these drinks have in them! We would never let our kids eat sugar cubes so why give them drinks loaded with this much sugar?



Happy Summer!

Dr. Jadav

Smiles for Kids Pediatric Dentistry