Holiday Time 2014 at Smiles For Kids

It's hard to believe that the Holiday Season of 2014/2015 is over! It went by too fast.  We had a blast at Smiles For Kids with all the different  exciting events of December.  We started the fun during the week of Thanksgiving.  It's always such a busy week for us in the office with so many kiddos being out of school and many of our college age patients visiting.  We worked hard that week, but it was worth it! So much fun. Right after Thanksgiving we saw one of our former assistants, now all grown up with a college degree to her name and grad school ahead of her, get married.  Melissa worked with us for many of her high school and college years and it was so exciting to see her enter with such happiness into marriage. After Thanksgiving we came back to work excited about December.  Aside from all the fun events we participate in, we always think about holiday cheer we could spread to the ones in need.  Every year we adopt a family in need from a local school and shop for them for Christmas.  We fulfill their Christmas wants and needs and this year that included school uniforms, shoes, dishes, toys and gift cards.  Our whole team participated and everyone pulled together to make it an unforgettable Christmas for this family of six.  We also continued our tradition of collecting toys for The Star of Hope.  We love that our amazing patients and their families participate and help us make many little ones happy!


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And then of course it's time of celebration! We celebrate a lot of things in our practice every day and during the month of December we share the fun.  We dress up in our best Christmas attire each Friday and spread the joy of the season.

xmas clothes.jpeg Since this is also the season of reflexion on the past year, we always thank all our referral sources such as pediatricians and other doctors who send us amazing patients with a holiday gift.  This year we had fun dental coaster made for each of the doctors and we treated their teams with lots of chocolate! blog4 We also love to spend time with each other and celebrate with a holiday party.  This year we decided on lunch time party at a local restaurant with yummy Italian fare and we shared our Secret Santa gifts (blenders, socks, sweaters, boots... You name it!) as well as our crazy game of White Elephant. After this lovely meal and after sharing a ton of laughter we walked over to Kendra Scott and had a jewelry making party. So many beautiful things were made!!!  So much fun!

P1040618 P1040622 P1040599 P1040595 P1040548 P1040514 The last few days of December were super busy here.  We again welcomed all the kiddos who were out of school and hanging out with us.  We love hearing all the stories  of finals, college acceptance, SATs taken, friends made, upcoming trips, and holiday preparations.  You guys are such important parts of our lives. We are so thankful for having you!

Our last, but not least, joy of 2014 came after Christmas.  As our team was sharing the joy of the holidays with friends and family at home (we close the office in this time because we believe that nothing is as important as family), dr. Jadav was in her final days of pregnancy and her sweet princess, her bundle of joy, Meera, joined us on December 30th.  We are so excited about that and can't wait to meet her!

Our team is excited to enter 2015 and we hope to see you guys very soon.  Thanks for sharing 2014 with us!