Bye, Bye Miss Sugarbug

As many of you know, Miss Sugar Bug is retiring. We’re so thankful for your votes and comments on Facebook for our new mascot. You may be wondering what exactly our mascot does at Smiles for Kids Pediatric Dentistry. Miss Sugar Bug helps get the word out about brushing, flossing, foods/drinks that cause cavities, and what we can do to have a healthy smile! Here are some of the events that our Miss Sugar Bug visits! School Visits

Mrs. Yvette does presentations at local elementary schools, Montessori schools and day cares to help promote healthy smiles! Here are some cute photos of Mrs. Yvette and Miss Sugar Bug in action!

photo 2 photo 1 IMG_0982

Spring Valley Fall Festival

Most recently, Mrs. Yvette has been taking Miss Sugar Bug on her last few rounds around town! Here are a few photos from the Spring Valley Fall Festival. Mrs. Martina and Mrs. Kasia also had fun at the festival!

spring valley 2 spring valley


Here are a few photos from last year’s Spring Valley Fall Festival.

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The Heights Bike Rally

Miss Sugar Bug had fun getting some fresh air and spreading the word about sugar bugs!

Heights Bike Rally


Exxon Mobil Health Fair

Check out Mrs. Kasia and Miss Sugar Bug at their awesome booth!

Exxon Mobil


Keep your eyes peeled for the new Smiles for Kids mascot!


Take care,

Dr. Jadav

Smiles for Kids Pediatric Dentistry